Col de Braus : 1002 m

from L'Escarene

Name : Col de Braus
Altitude : 1002 m
Start : L'Escarene
Length : 10.30 km
Elevation gain : 662 m
% Avg : 6.43%
% Max : 15.0%
Mountain range : Alpes maritimes, France

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00:00:00Malcolm L

A well reputed climb in the area.
Steep start on leaving L'Escarene all the way to the summit with a short break after around 4 kms and the final 500m. The steepest section comes after the hairpins which are impressive when you look down on them.
There is no shade from the sun in summer so better to ride early morning or late afternoon.
To get to L'Escarene from Nice you will first have to climb the Col de Nice which is best done by following the D321 from rather than riding on the main road.
There is a water fountain/tap to fill up from in L'Escarene.