Col du Buis : 1196 m

from Pont de St Pierre

Name : Col du Buis
Altitude : 1196 m
Start : Pont de St Pierre
Length : 7.50 km
Elevation gain : 296 m
% Avg : 3.95%
% Max : 10.8%
Mountain range : Alpes maritimes, France


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00:00:00Malcolm L

A pleasant rolling ride from, St Pierre until Brianconet where the serious climbing starts. The real climb is harder than the profile suggests, maybe because a flatish section is not identified.
Its worthwhile riding through the Clue de St Auban if you haven't passed through on the way to the Pont St Pierre. A stunning road carved into the cliff rock face with the river far below in the clue.
There is a water fountain by the road in Brianconet.