Col de Pontis : 1301 m

from Ubaye

Name : Col de Pontis
Altitude : 1301 m
Start : Ubaye
Length : 5.00 km
Elevation gain : 506 m
% Avg : 10.12%
% Max : 17.8%
Mountain range : Ubaye, France

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00:00:00Malcolm L

It's easy to miss the start, look for the cemetery on the lake side of the road and the start is opposite. Very steep and demanding from the first meters. A poor road surface with lots of gravel on the outside of the hairpins which is the only way up - the hairpin interiors are nothing better than 'walls' - so pick your route carefully.
Even though it is only 5 kms long if you're in the area it's well worth riding for pride and the bragging rights that go with it. No gear changing necessary - just start all to the left.
The descent is as demanding as the climb and nerve-racking/dangerous with Madame Gravity working against you again on poor twisting road surfaces - check your brakes!