Col de Rousset : 1254 m

from Die

Name : Col de Rousset
Altitude : 1254 m
Start : Die
Length : 20.60 km
Elevation gain : 858 m
% Avg : 4.17%
% Max : 5.8%
Mountain range : Vercors, France

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00:46:00Smith J

Fantastic steady climb with distracting dramatic views. The final few metres of climbing plunge underground - the road takes a ~200m tunnel which is very dark after the sunlight so take some lights with you.

The first section to Chamaloc is as innocent as any uphill country road. From that final village, there's an obvious gradient demanding your legs attention. After a few kilometres you begin the switchbacks up this narrow valley, each hairpin with a more breathtaking view. And you gradually have less breath to spare, while the gradient is consistent enough to pace yourself steadily without surprises, it's a long 21km!