Cime de la Bonette : 2802 m

from Saint Etienne de Tinee


Name : Cime de la Bonette
Altitude : 2802 m
Opening : Ouvert
Start : Saint Etienne de Tinee
Length : 25.80 km
Elevation gain : 1652 m
% Avg : 6.4%
% Max : 15.0%
Mountain range : Mercantour, France

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00:00:00Malcolm L • Comment posted on 02/04/2015

Stunning scenery and a great ride.
The ride is not overly onerous except for the height and distance climbed. The gradient is relatively constant; kms 10 to 15 is the steepest part except final ramp to the Cime which is very hard going. The toughest part apart from the final push to the Cime is from the fort to the Col where the gradient steepens and the altitude effect 'kicks in'. On arrival at the Cime there is often a queue for taking photographs in front of the 'stele'
Recommend to start from Isola village and warm up on the way to St Etienne before the climbing starts. Fill your water bottles in St Etienne as there is no other fountain before the summit (next fountain is in Jaussiers or back in St Etienne )
Without a doubt a 5 star ride.