Cime de la Bonette : 2802 m

from Jausiers


Name : Cime de la Bonette
Altitude : 2802 m
Opening : Fermé
Start : Jausiers
Length : 24.00 km
Elevation gain : 1589 m
% Avg : 6.62%
% Max : 9.0%
Mountain range : Mercantour, France

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01:39:00Florent L • Comment posted on 16/11/2014

A very difficult but beautiful climb!

00:00:00Malcolm L • Comment posted on 24/11/2014

Great ride on a good road surface. Each time I've climbed this col there has always been company - some going faster, some going slower and all enjoying it.
It's not particularly difficult, though the distance and final altitude take a toll. Toughest parts are going from km 10 to the fort, which is followed by a relatively flat section to recover and accelerate towards the Col followed by a very steep climb to the Cime.
The scenery is great even if not quite as stunning (imo) as the south side from St Etienne. Often you will see many marmottes playing and foraging alongside the road.
The road from the col to the Cime is claimed to be the highest road in Europe that doesn't end in a car park or similar dead end. (specially built for this reason?) Even when the col is open the Cime can still remain closed by snow.