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J'aime grimper, encore et toujours, mais dans le respect de la montagne. Je ne conquiert ni ne dompte de cols : je les gravis, tout simplement !

Map of climbed passes

List of climbed passes

Name Altitude Mountain range Details
Cime de la Bonette 2802 m Mercantour
Col du Galibier 2642 m Arves and Grandes Rousses
Mont Ventoux 1909 m Provence
Col de Pontis 1301 m Ubaye
Châteauneuf de Grasse 413 m Alpes maritimes

01:39:00Cime de la Bonette from Jausiers (2802m)

A very difficult but beautiful climb!

00:45:00Col du Galibier from Col du Lautaret (2642m)

The last kilometer, after the tunnel is the most difficult.

02:48:00Col du Galibier from Saint Michel de Maurienne (2642m)

A long and difficult climb. The last 8 miles are increasingly hard.

01:47:00Mont Ventoux from Sault (1909m)

The beginning of the road passes through the lavender fields before quickly into the forest until Chalet Reynard that reaches several kilometers after a gentle slope. After the Chalet Reynard, the slope becomes severe: we're dominated by the giant ... but stiff slope separates us from the top!

01:36:00Mont Ventoux from Bedoin (1909m)

Legendary road. Don't miss the Tom Simpson memorial in the last kilometer.

Be careful of the wind at the top of this mount! This is an hard climb, especially in the first half which is in the forest.

00:30:00Col de Pontis from Savines le Lac (1301m)

This climb alternates between very steep sections and flat passages. The road goes between the trees, but presents some portions from which you can see the Serre-Ponçon lake just below. At the pass, we can see the mountains but not the lake, shame!
Take care to the descent: there many gravel, tar is cracked, the slope is steep and turns in tight hairpins are many.

00:08:00Châteauneuf de Grasse from Opio (413m)

Climb made during the 5th stage of the 2013 Tour.

The climb is quite shady and there was not too much traffic for a Monday in early July. The slope is visible from afar, straight lines are long enough for us to see well in advance what happens to us under our wheels ...