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Map of climbed passes

List of climbed passes

Name Altitude Mountain range Details
Col du Galibier 2642 m Arves and Grandes Rousses
Passo Sella 2240 m Dolomites
Col du Tourmalet 2115 m Central pyrenees
Passo San Pellegrino 1918 m Dolomites
Passo del Mortirolo 1852 m Ortler Alps
Station de Formigal-Sarrios 1803 m Western pyrenees
Station de Superbagneres 1800 m Central pyrenees
Puerto de Velefique 1769 m Cordillère bétique
Passo di Costalunga 1753 m Dolomites
Station de Luz Ardiden 1720 m Central pyrenees
Col d'Aubisque 1709 m Central pyrenees
Col de Peyresourde 1569 m Central pyrenees
Col du Télégraphe 1566 m Arves and Grandes Rousses
Station d'Hautacam 1520 m Central pyrenees
Col d'Aspin 1489 m Central pyrenees
Col du Soulor 1474 m Central pyrenees
Col du Portillon 1293 m Central pyrenees
Collepietra 1221 m Dolomites
Col de Marie Blanque 1035 m Western pyrenees
Col de Gamia 512 m Western pyrenees
Col d'Osquich 500 m Western pyrenees

01:03:04Passo Sella from Canazei (2240m)

01:33:02Passo del Mortirolo from Mazzo (1852m)

01:14:46Puerto de Velefique from Velefique (1769m)

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01:20:26Station de Luz Ardiden from Luz Saint Sauveur (1720m)

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01:45:00Station de Luz Ardiden from Viscos (1720m)

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35:06:00Col d'Aubisque from Argeles Gazost (1709m)

Desde Soulor

01:15:30Station d'Hautacam from Argeles Gazost (1520m)

Tres veces

01:04:42Col d'Aspin from Arreau (1489m)

01:36:59Col du Soulor from Argeles Gazost (1474m)

43:09:00Col du Portillon from Bossost (1293m)

00:30:32Collepietra from Prato All'Isarco (1221m)

51:04:00Col de Marie Blanque from Louvie Juzon (1035m)

Desde Bielle

23:38:00Col de Gamia from Bunus (512m)

27:40:00Col d'Osquich from Musculdy (500m)

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